Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia at the conference "Electric Vehicles Days"


Post of Serbia at the conference "Electric Vehicles Days"

During his participation in the "Electric Vehicles Days" (EV days) conference, which was opened in Novi Sad on 8 September, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, spoke on the panel "Smart cities in the service of modern electromobility for future generations".


On this occasion, Đorđević pointed out that Post of Serbia is developing new technologies, tools and services in postal traffic, as well as continuously working on creating modern solutions, innovations and services, as well as increasing the share of electric and hybrid vehicles in its fleet.

"Last year, we decided to intensify activities and expand the Post's delivery fleet within the concept of micromobility, by increasing the share of electric and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, mopeds and bicycles. In 2022, Post of Serbia started the procurement of more than 280 electric vehicles, electric mopeds and electric bicycles, thus continuing our socially responsible attitude towards the community, preserving nature and the environment in urban areas, and improving the quality of our services," said Đorđević and added that Post of Serbia as the enterprise with the most developed logistics network in Serbia sees the use of electric vehicles as socially and environmentally conscious solution, as well as a long-term one, for its network in order to improve the overall quality of life in urban areas.

The "EV Days" conference is dedicated to electromobility and gathers leading companies from the automotive industry, state, local and regional institutions related to the subject area, as well as companies that have experience, i.e. that are planning to introduce solutions based on electromobility in their business.