Post of Serbia - Meeting with represenatives of the GeoPost group


Meeting with represenatives of the GeoPost group

A part of the Post of Serbia Management, headed by the Acting Director Zoran Đorđević, had a meeting with the representatives of the GeoPost group, Matthieu Vintgens and Vincent Guillaume. The topic at the meeting in the official seat of the Enterprise was the establishment of partnership between the Post of Serbia and DPD Group.

DPD Group is one of the leading world networks for parcels delivery of GeoPost - a holding company owned by Le Post Groupe. With 120,000 delivery experts that work in almost 50 countries, this French company daily delivers 8.4 million of parcels worldwide, i.e. over two billion parcels annually.

On this occassion Mr Đorđević pointed out that the Post of Serbia values the experience of GeoPost very much, and that the examples of good practice of this company would help the development of the new and innovative logistic solutions and services.