Post of Serbia - Đorđević and Ambassador Pina: Postage stamp honouring decades of friendship


Đorđević and Ambassador Pina: Postage stamp honouring decades of friendship

Ambassador of Portugal to Serbia Virginia Pina and Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, discussed today the potential, plans and priority areas for cooperation between the posts of Serbia and Portugal. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Ambassador of Portugal, João Melo Alvim, and the Director of “Srbijamarka” Working Unit of the Post of Serbia, Adam Sofronijević.

In honour of the diplomatic jubilee, as well as strong, good and friendly relations, Director Đorđević presented to Ambassador Pina a special issue of commemorative postage stamps titled “140 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Portugal”, which, through carefully selected motifs, reflects important segments of the relationship between the two countries.

On the postage stamp in the form of a block and the first day cover, the cultural connection of the two nations is symbolically shown, illustrated by the writers José Saramago and Ivo Andrić, the most expressive representatives of the cultural and literary milieu of their respective peoples, and holders of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The motif of the common national tree - the oak, illustrates the sameness of ideas and values that are most often associated with it, but also the uniqueness of the national identities of Portugal and Serbia, and the architectural achievements of the capital cities of Belgrade and Lisbon are represented by the buildings of the national parliaments, which, in addition to the artistic value, also convey the ideological value - commitment of both peoples to the ideals of democracy.

The interlocutors concluded that in addition to philatelic cooperation, within the activities of the PTT Museum, there are numerous opportunities for joint promotion and bringing of culture, art, and history closer together. Ambassador Pina thanked Director Đorđević for the philatelic issue in the artistic realization of Boban Savić, MA which the Post of Serbia will put into circulation on September 29.