Post of Serbia - About innovations in services and the postal network


About innovations in services and the postal network

The most important business issues within the competence of the Services and the Postal Network functions, the progress achieved in the implementation of key projects, issues of current functioning and plans for the following period, are discussed at the annual professional meeting of the Post of Serbia, which is held at Stara planina. The meeting gathers management representatives, directors and employees in professional services from working units throughout Serbia.

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, emphasized in his opening speech that the company's business results are good, that according to all indicators, the end of the business year will be even more successful, which best speaks of the justification of further investment primarily in development projects.

"We can be satisfied, because we achieved and did a lot in the previous period. There is indisputable progress in modernization, improvement of infrastructure and means of work, renovation of post offices and delivery vehicles. Also, there is still a lot left for us to do together. The reorganization that we will implement at the beginning of next year will provide a modern system and a functional organization in all respects, in order to fulfil the ultimate goal of our Post being the most prestigious and successful company in Serbia. In the constant social dialogue, we consider all current issues affecting the position of employees, about which it is important that all employees are fully informed. In particular, we will ensure the payment of a salary supplement for all employees in December, in addition to a certain salary increase in accordance with the Government's policy of 12.5 percent starting from the January salary. We will also undertake new activities in discussions with the Ministry of Finance, in order to improve the financial position of employees of the Post of Serbia. With a responsible approach to the management of material and other resources, reducing costs and realizing savings, along with the implementation of the program for stimulating departure from the Company, we will provide a good basis for building a stable HR potential in technology and new growth and development. Also, I agree with the position of the trade union – one of the priorities should be better working conditions", said Director Đorđević.

Đorđević also announced the first participation of the Post of Serbia at the 65th International Belgrade Book Fair at the end of October, where it will promote a special Post Express service for sending books at a promotional price and present numerous cultural contents from the PTT Museum's activities and philatelic activities, as well as organize creative workshops for the youngest visitors.

In the continuation of the meeting, the Postal Network Function will present progress in the automation of processes in postal and logistics centres and plans for the renewal of mail sorting machines, as well as the effects of the introduction of the first parcel machines of the Post. Colleagues from the Services Function will report on the conclusions of price policy analyses and the findings of research into the quality of postal services. Postal and financial services and international money transfers are also on the agenda. Spasenija Ožegović, Director of Post Pro, will present about the development of sales mediation services, the effects after the first three months and the interest of employees.