Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia at the PostEurop General Assembley in Dublin


Post of Serbia at the PostEurop General Assembley in Dublin

The delegation of the Post of Serbia headed by the Acting Director Zoran Đorđević takes part in the work of General Assembley and Business Forum of the Association of Public Postal Operators, PostEurop. At the margins of the gathering, the Director Zoran Đorđević met numerous officials, and spoke with Masahiko Metoki, General Director of Universal Postal Union, about the most current issues and innovations which the Post of Serbia is planning.

This year’s General Assembley in Dublin openned the Chairman of PostEurop, Jean-Paul Forceville, after whom also Director of Post of Ireland, David Mac Readmond and General Director of Universal Postal Union, Masahiko Metoki held their speech. Reports on work between two Assembleys and Business Plan for the next year were presented to the delegations, after which new members of the Board of Directors were chosen.

In continuation, the Business Forum has been held, with the topic – Maintaining and Competitive Tranformation of Posts, as well as following of global trends and their impact on the postal operations. In previous years, the postal industry has passed through vast transformation caused by various factors, so the necessity of maintaining the postal activity is growing. Therefore, the PostEurop has taken the environment aspects in the account and designed the Maintenance Vision which will be presented at the Forum.

A deep transformation caused by the accelerated digitalization and great number of innovations, as well as quick changes in customers’ habits, all imposed a topic for the pannel discussion of CEOs and one of the main topics which will be processed at the Forum this year – the Future of Europe and of the Postal Industry.