Post of Serbia - Renovated postal and logistics centre in Sombor


Renovated postal and logistics centre in Sombor

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević, Director of the Postal Network Function Dejan Šijak and Director of the Regional Working Unit "Subotica, Zrenjanin, Sombor, Kikinda" Tatjana Andrić opened today a new local postal and logistics centre in Sombor. After a full twenty years, this logistics centre has moved out of the rented space and is once again operating in business premises owned by the Post of Serbia.

During a tour of the new modern space, Đorđević told the employees that the Post of Serbia will continue with investments in the postal network, as well as actively work on modernizing business processes and strengthening the capacities of regional and local postal logistics centres.

"In a very short period of time, we managed to devise a technological solution and carry out all the necessary works on the adaptation of the facility with internal resources. In just a few months, we solved the problem of LPLC Sombor, which was moved back in 2002 and which was functioning with difficulties. By investing in postal and logistics centres, reconstruction and technological modernization, we keep up with the demands of both users and employees. Improving working conditions for all our employees is one of the management's priorities, which is why we will carefully listen to their needs in the coming period, as we have done so far", said Đorđević.

The completely renovated premises of LPLC 25200 Sombor, which will enable more efficient processing of postal items at the premises, is located at 12 Dositeja Obradovića Street, in the headquarters of the Areal Unit "Sombor".