Post of Serbia - Cooperation Between Post of Serbia and Municipality of Ruma


Cooperation Between Post of Serbia and Municipality of Ruma

Acting Director of Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, Executive Director of Post of Serbia, Miloš Đurić and President of Municipality of Ruma, Aleksandra Ćirić, today have convened the meeting where they agreed on the renovation of certain post offices at the territory of this local self-government along with the support of the Municipality.

“Municipality of Ruma, which is developing rapidly and which also initiates the development of Srem, will help in adaptation of our facilities, so that we could provide state-of-the-art post offices to our citizens. It is our wish that by modernization of our facilities we may improve customer experience of our citizens, and simultaneously the conditions of operation to our employees. Over 1,500 post offices and 15,000 employees in our big family stand at disposal to the citizens of the Republic of Serbia. It is the very reason for the Post of Serbia in the forthcoming period to proceed to work on modernization and expansion of the postal network, adaptaion and opening of the new facilities, and in firm cooperation with local self-governments, all aiming to improve availability of our services in every place in Serbia“, declared Đorđević.

The Municipality President Aleksandra Ćirić has pointed out that the Municipality of Ruma is willing, wishing and has abilities to help renovation and reconstruction of the post offices in the town, as well as in larger villages, such as Klenko and Nikinci, what will also be performed next year.

“Replacement of carpentry, electro-installations, floors and counters is also planned, so that our citizens would have more modern and functional post offices, to both their benefit and satisfaction”, said Ćirić.

The representatives of Municipality and Post of Serbia have made a tour around the post office in the center of the town, in Yugoslav National Army Street No.155, the adaptation of which shall be carried out with the support of the Municipality of Ruma. Đorđević conversed with the employees to whom he said that the Management continues to work on the improvement of the work conditions. He reminded them that the Post of Serbia provided for the new uniforms and delivery vans, the health checkups for all employees, insurance 24/7, and that employees may expect to receive salary supplement in November and December, as well as the increase of salaries starting from January income. He also announced more good news for employees by the end of this year.