Post of Serbia - Post and Union of Philatelists intensify cooperation on philately promotion


Post and Union of Philatelists intensify cooperation on philately promotion

A meeting was held at the headquarters of the Enterprise between the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, and the President of the Union of Philatelists of Serbia, Nikola Ljubičić, at which opportunities for intensifying joint work on the development of philately in Serbia were discussed.

During the meeting, it was pointed out that there is space to significantly improve philately in Serbia through a more intensive partnership between the Post and the Union of Philatelists, which already have a long tradition of cooperation in this field and which, by the nature of their activities, are the best partners for the realization of this goal.

In particular, the emphasis was placed on the importance of holding a large philatelic exhibition in Belgrade next year for the development of philately in Serbia. The expectations are that "Balkanfila", the largest exhibition of philately in the region and one of the largest exhibitions of its type in Europe, which will be held next year in our country for the first time after more than thirty years, will bring together the best philatelists of the region and especially philatelists from Europe whose collections refer to the countries and peoples of our region. It was agreed that the Post of Serbia would provide maximum assistance to the Union of Philatelists of Serbia so that the exhibition planned for October 2023 will take place in the best possible way and have the maximum long-term effect in the promotion of philately in Serbia and the region.

An extension of the existing cooperation agreement was also agreed upon, which will enable Serbia to receive an improved and fully modernized periodical on philately starting next year, which will be an important information support for all activities in this area.

The interlocutors concluded that with the continuation and intensification of the successful cooperation between the Post of Serbia and the Union of Philatelists of Serbia, better days await the philately of Serbia, an increase in the number of philatelists and the restoration of the social reputation that it most certainly deserves.