Post of Serbia - International Conference “For Better Future of Work&Capital World”


International Conference “For Better Future of Work&Capital World”

At the International Conference “For Better Future of Work & Capital World” organized by the Social&Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia, in the Palace of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of Post of Serbia, took part at the pannel “Quality of Jobs and Income Movements” with the representatives of the Alliance of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia, UGS “Independence”, Serbian Union of Employers and the Alliance of Trade Unions of the Republic of Srpska.

Đorđević said that much has been done for improvement of material position of employees in the Post of Serbia and apart from the existing legal restrictions and priority investments in modernization of the system, infrastructure, delivery vehicles and means of work, as well as in the new digital services. Salary supplement was paid out to all the employees by the end of November, and apart from 12.5% increase of salaries starting from the January income, he also announced in the forthcoming period a new supplement payment by the end of December, so-called the New-Year-Presents bonus, as well as the Christmas bonus and a loan in January. He also pointed out that additional efforts and work should be invested to improve every segment of postal system and activities.

”A lot has been done in the previous period, however I am not personally satisfied, because a lot more should be changed and achieved by mutual efforts and hard work. It is possible to achieve even better results, and the priority should be better material position of the employees, better work conditions, new services and better quality of services. We shall continue with social dialogue with trade unions and addressing the Ministry of Finance and the line Ministry of Information and Telecommunications. I expect that the next business year will show us that the wise investments are paying off in the long term, that the means for work will be significantly renewed, that the results of all this will be higher business revenues, while all these shall enable again, when the time comes, coming out with the proposal for the new increase of salaries”, concluded Director Đorđević.