Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia at “Look up” Conference on Kopaonik


Post of Serbia at “Look up” Conference on Kopaonik

At the regional expert conference on ecology and energy, named “Look up”, opened on the mountain of Kopaonik by Irena Vujović, Minister of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia has taken part at the panel “e-Mobility - road from future to reality”, presenting the experiences in introducing the concept of e-Mobility in delivery fleet and the future plans of the Post of Serbia.

As electric delivery vans for mail deliveries in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, apart from efficiency in daily use, proved to be very practical in the inner areas of the largest cities, Đorđević has pointed out that there have been intensive activities to increase the share of electric and hybrid vehicles since the last year.

“This year we continued to innovate our network, test of various models and procure electric trolleys for delivery in pedestrian zones, electric scooters, EVs and e-bikes for specialised delivery. By Procurement plan proposal for 2023, another 100 EVs are planned. We started with small steps, but our commitment and plans are connected in the long term to environmentally acceptable green solutions for postal items delivery, being aware of the influence of the Enterprise activities on the working conditions and the environment“, said Đorđević.

He added that the Post plans to procure solar panels for four strategically important facilities, namely RPLC Belgrade, RPLC Niš, RPLC Novi Sad and LPLC Kragujevac, whose installation and successive commissioning are expected during 2023.

On 7-8 December, the “Look up” Conference will gather on Kopaonik more than 55 experts from Serbia, the region and the EU, who will have their presentations on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, waste treatment, ecology and environment protection. Representatives of the Serbian Government, public authorities, public enterprises and the largest companies in the sector will also participate at the Conference.