Post of Serbia - The first round of the 5+ AMSS and Post Pro action is over


The first round of the 5+ AMSS and Post Pro action is over

Commercial Director of the Auto-Moto Association of Serbia, Nebojša Mandić, today presented the best Post Pro promoters and team leaders with awards for the results achieved in mediating the sale of membership in AMSS. In the presence of the Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, and the Director of Post Pro, Spasenija Ožegović, four employees of this public enterprise were awarded the AMSS super membership package that covers Serbia and Europe.

Action 5+ AMSS launched in cooperation with the independent enterprise Post Pro in order to promote the sale of AMSS membership packages, and in the first cycle, Helena Muzinić and Vesna Đukić from RWU Pančevo, Darko Pecić and Slavko Milovanović from RPLC Belgrade were awarded.

The new award cycle ends on December 31, and every promoter who collects five or more questionnaires that resulted in sales, i.e. activation of the AMSS membership package, as well as five Post Pro coordinators whose teams achieve the best results, will be awarded with the AMSS Super membership package.