Post of Serbia - Preliminary annual results of the Post were presented


Preliminary annual results of the Post were presented

At today's extended collegium of the Enterprise, which was attended by executive directors and directors of functions, directors of all organizational units of the Enterprise from all over Serbia, and post office managers of the first rank, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, presented the preliminary business results for 2022, singled out the most successful projects and announced the most important plans for the coming year.

Đorđević pointed out that the Post of Serbia achieved good results in the current business year. "The system is liquid, we have no debts, and the business is stable. There is room for us to achieve even more in the coming year, with the good and responsible planning we undertake, by continuing to invest in automation, digitalization and integration, on the one hand, and on the other hand, by starting the reorganization of the Enterprise and its gradual transformation into a joint-stock company, in order to enable full corporatization and functionality of the system", said Director Đorđević. He ruled out the possibility of selling and privatizing the Enterprise.

"We have launched a number of new projects while working rapidly on the development of services that respond to the growth of the digital market and e-commerce, enabling postal and financial services from customers’ homes, a smart system for postal items, eArchiving for the businesses, projects eNotary and eTelegrams, while ensuring quality standards of services provided. In order to automate the delivery of postal items, we introduced parcel machines and began the comprehensive renovation of postal and logistics centres, branches, equipment and work resources, provided new uniforms for all employees engaged in technological positions. The most recent is the delivery of 210 new delivery vehicles and five combined passenger vehicles, in addition to the previously delivered 810 bicycles, 1,024 mopeds and 14 electric mopeds, 100 delivery vehicles, 72 vans, 33 delivery vehicles for hill and mountain terrain, as well as four trucks this year“, Đorđević continued.

"We conducted a constant social dialogue, increased salaries at the beginning of the year, paid the 13th salary, provided 24-hour employee insurance, as well as systematic examinations for almost 15,000 workers. The salary supplement was paid to the employees at the end of November; we anticipate another payment of the supplement at the end of the month, as well as the payment of New Year's packages. In addition to the already announced permanent salary increase starting with the January earnings, we will pay the Christmas bonus to the salary and provide the loan option in January. With the establishment of the subsidiary company Post Pro in April, we achieved business cooperation with large business systems to which we make available our developed network, while for employees it is an opportunity to mediate in the sale of the services of Telekom Srbija, the Auto Moto Association of Serbia, Postal Savings Bank and other companies, thus earning additional earnings and awards from partner companies for achieved results", said Director Đorđević.

"Further development, advancement and expansion of business will continue to be based on modernization, innovation, expansion of digital services, among other things, improvement of the process of receiving international postal items and speeding up the process of their customs clearance, digitalization of the process of receiving and delivering post express items and parcels to the customer’s address, as well as enabling card payments at the customer’s address. All this will provide a healthy basis for new growth and new business successes, further improvement of working conditions, a new increase in salaries and improvement of the financial position of employees", concluded Đorđević.