Post of Serbia - The Post at the birthday celebration of the "Pobednik" Association


The Post at the birthday celebration of the "Pobednik" Association

The Association of Persons with Disabilities "Pobednik" celebrated its 12th anniversary at an event at the Army House in Belgrade. Numerous dignitaries and friends of the Association were present, including Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

Director Đorđević expressed his satisfaction with the continuity and stability of the Association, whose successful work, as he said, is increasingly visible in the public and recognized by target groups and relevant institutions.

"The Post of Serbia and I personally try to find ways to expand cooperation with new activities and transfer and expand positive earlier experiences. I wish "Pobednik" Association many more successful years in its mission of promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities and improving their social position. In this, I can always count on the support of the Post, as a reliable partner, which in its business shows a comprehensive approach and a high degree of responsibility towards vulnerable categories among employees and users", said Đorđević.