Post of Serbia - Delegation of the Post of Montenegro visiting


Delegation of the Post of Montenegro visiting

The highest representatives of the Post of Montenegro, Igor Bulatović, President of the Board of Directors, and Dragan Tufegdžić, Executive Director, are on an official two-day visit to the Post of Serbia, and together with Zoran Đorđević and other senior managers of the Post of Serbia, are discussing and considering the practical implementation of the Protocol on Business Cooperation between PE Post of Serbia and Post of Montenegro, which was recently concluded in Podgorica.

The first working meeting was held on the topics of postal business operations and determining possible directions of cooperation and the schedule of the introductory activities plan.

The delegation of the Post of Montenegro then visited the most important Regional Postal and Logistics Centre of the Post of Serbia in Zemun, as well as the PTT Museum with the aim of agreeing on the exchange of museum exhibits, and then the Centre for Electronic Business Operations with a digital archive, since the digitalization of services and the development of e-commerce are among the most strategically important directions of development and modernization of both postal administrations.