Post of Serbia - Management of the Post: 2023 – year of service and business improvement


Management of the Post: 2023 – year of service and business improvement

The Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, held a meeting with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Enterprise, Boriša Šarenac, part of the Management and the Postal Network and Services functions, as the most important factors in the postal system.

At the meeting held at the Enterprise’s headquarters, it was concluded that it is extremely important that the aforementioned functions improve operations as much as possible in the coming period and contribute to raising the quality of the service to the highest level and increasing the number of users.

“In order to further increase the quality and scope of our services, in the coming period we will work even harder and even better, so that all systems function without error. In the previous two years, we achieved significant results and showed that the Post of Serbia can be better than it was. The decade before that led to the fact that the Post of Serbia lost part of the market and the race in digitalization and was left to fend for itself. Owing to the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the support of President Aleksandar Vučić, who recognized the importance of this system for our country and the citizens of Serbia, we managed to launch a number of new projects, digitalize and introduce new services, renew our fleet, improve material and working conditions for our employees and overall achieve good results”.

Having this support, although it is expected that this year and the next, as the president recently said, will be very difficult for everyone in terms of economy, the goal we have set remains the same, which is that primarily citizens are completely satisfied with our service, that we take over the market and become the best company in Serbia of which the Government of the Republic of Serbia will be proud. That's why we need to adapt to the new circumstances and guidelines that we have received and win this market game”, said Đorđević.