Post of Serbia - Rakuten Viber delegation visits the Post of Serbia


Rakuten Viber delegation visits the Post of Serbia

Acting Director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević, Executive Director Nebojša Marković and Special Advisor to the Director of the Enterprise Aleksandra Veličković held a meeting today with the delegation of Rakuten Viber, led by Atanas Rajkov, Senior Director for Business Development in leading global markets.

At the meeting held at the headquarters of the Enterprise, attended by Konstantin Kostadinov, Senior Director of the Commercial Department, and Vuk Brajović, Director of the Marketing Agency "Providens" on behalf of Rakuten Viber, it was agreed that starting March 2023, the Post will expand the range of communication with its customers throughout of Serbia by introducing its interactive chat-bot on Viber, which will significantly improve and enrich the entire user experience.

Communication on this popular and innovative messaging platform will enable users to get even easier and faster access to all the necessary information about the services and functioning of PE Post of Serbia.