Post of Serbia - Exhibition "The Kingdom of Serbia in World War I 1914-1915" at PTT Museum


Exhibition "The Kingdom of Serbia in World War I 1914-1915" at PTT Museum

Thematic exhibition "Kingdom of Serbia in World War I 1914-1915" was opened at the PTT Museum. The exhibition was opened by Prof. Milan Radovanović, former president of the Union of Philatelists of Serbia, who devoted the last two decades to the research of the postal history of Serbia in World War I.

The exhibition presents correspondence cards - letters, postcards, and books in which the author Radovanović documents the value of mail, not only as a means of communication in terms of events at the front, but also mail as personal news. 

"This is supported by data from the book, from which we learn that more than 23 million postal items passed through Thessaloniki - to and from Thessaloniki, which is truly impressive." In the ravages of war and calvary, to our soldiers and those who were waiting for them at home, mail meant - news, often the only one. Therefore, mail - the news was the herald of happiness and unhappiness, joy and sadness, hope and hopelessness, expectations and disappointments", said Radovanović, who published more than 100 works on the subject of the Kingdom of Serbia in the World War I in the country and abroad.

"We are very grateful for the wholehearted professional help of Prof. Dr. Radovanović, as well as the assignment of the fund for the purposes of the exhibition. We are glad that the public will have the opportunity to enjoy a segment of our heritage that, in addition to its philatelic value, has multiple historical significance," said Marko Jelić, head of the PTT Museum Affairs Department at the Post of Serbia.

The exhibition is open to visitors until 14 March, 2023, at the PTT Museum in Belgrade, 13 Majke Jevrosime Street, during the Museum's working hours.