Post of Serbia - Young professionals undergoing training at the Post


Young professionals undergoing training at the Post

According to the Programme of the Government of Serbia for encouraging the employment of young people My first salary, 11 candidates were hired at the Post of Serbia, who started the training programme for independent work in various positions at the work units, IT sector and HR at the Post of Serbia. They were hosted by director Zoran Đorđević, who discussed with his colleagues the first impressions of the tasks at the Enterprise, progress in acquiring knowledge, expectations and challenges.

"I am proud that these young professionals chose the Post to gain their first work experience here. They will have all the necessary conditions and support during the nine-month training. We count on them, as well as on other young professionals, on whom we naturally base our future goals and development. New perspectives and fresh ideas are welcome and we are always happy to promote the employment of young people, at the same time creating a safe base for the selection and development of our staff", said Đorđević.

"My First Salary" training programme for new colleagues, most of whom are computer scientists, followed by lawyers, one economist and a psychologist, is carried out in professional services in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Pančevo and Sremska Mitrovica. 

The Post of Serbia also participated in this project last year by hiring four executors who all successfully completed the programme and then were hired permanently in IT sector at the Post of Serbia, in Belgrade and Kragujevac.