Post of Serbia - Meeting held of sales teams from all over Serbia


Meeting held of sales teams from all over Serbia

At the meeting of the sales teams of PE Post of Serbia, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević, Director of the Services Function Bojana Nikolić, Director of Post Pro Spasenija Ožegović and Head of the Sales Sector Ana Stojanović presented to the attendees a model for improving the results of sales activities.

At the meeting held at the Regional Postal and Logistics Centre Belgrade, Đorđević emphasized that the transformation of the Sales and Services Sector is the first in a series of changes expected for the Post of Serbia this year and emphasized the importance of fieldwork for the improvement of sales activities.

"By introducing a new work system and a model for improving the sales results of Post Express services by applying a sales incentive model, we want to further motivate sales employees, as well as couriers and mailpersons to whom the incentive system applies. By increasing the sales potential, we are one step closer to our goal - increasing the income of both the Post of Serbia and its employees", said Đorđević.

"For additional engagement that results in a new contract with the implementation of express services, employees will be rewarded according to the incentive model under contracted terms and conditions through Post Pro. The strength of unity and over 15,000 employees make us dominant in the market, and the opening of a new sales channel creates opportunities for additional earnings for the employees of the Post of Serbia", said Spasenija Ožegović.