Post of Serbia - Post and PTT Chess Club invite to playing chess


Post and PTT Chess Club invite to playing chess

In the new tournament space at Palmotićeva 2, which was provided by the Post of Serbia, the promotion of the PTT Belgrade Chess Club was held, where the programme, activities and plans for the next period were presented.

Chess promoters at the Post of Serbia and PTT Belgrade Chess Club - Alisa Marić, Chess Player, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Andrija Jorgić, President of the Belgrade Chess Association, and Srđan Smiljković, President of the PTT Belgrade Chess Club, invited employees of the Post, their family members, children, youth and other interested parties to play chess.

"We want to tell our colleagues and the general public again that the management of the Post of Serbia strongly supports playing sports, which is part of our socially responsible mission and actions. With joint forces, we will continue to influence that different sports activities be equally accessible to everyone, promoting sports from the earliest to mature age, and chess as an exceptional choice for children and youth with numerous benefits for their development. Since the tradition of playing chess in our enterprise has existed for almost 90 years, we decided to create all the necessary conditions to raise the chess tradition at the Post to a higher level. We will support the ambitious plans of the Club's management, we have made space available in the very centre of the city, and we will also support the establishment of sections throughout Serbia", said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

Alisa Marić said, "Chess has been around for a long time in CC PTT Belgrade, but there was a lack of real rooms where chess players would gather and carry out their activities. As of today, it became this beautifully decorated place, adapted to the needs of chess players. A lot is planned, such as a chess school for the youngest, the organization of various tournaments and matches and other chess events. I am glad that the management of the Post with the Director Zoran Đorđević recognized the values of chess and gave full support to the implementation of the activities".

"The PTT Belgrade Chess Club has recorded impressive successes since its foundation in 1935. The club competes in men's and women's competition in the second league, and now has new and offensive plans. Alisa Marić, a big name in Serbian chess, will help us in working with the women's team and with the youngest categories and beginners, which we particularly emphasize. In order to attract and motivate a wide circle of interested children to learn to play chess and choose to play in live direct contact, rather than in virtual competitions with a computer, we will provide a free school for beginners. Those who already play chess will have the opportunity to refine and improve their knowledge within the sections of our club, which are open to all employees of the Post and their family members, as well as chess players from the wider social community, who we invite to join," said Srđan Smiljković, president of the PTT Belgrade Chess Club.

The promotion was attended by members of the management of the CC PTT Belgrade and the youngest members who expressed their satisfaction with the new fully equipped space for their activities and playing tournaments.

More information can be found on the website, contact numbers are 011 3641 595 and 3641 525 (for Club sections). The Club's working hours are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 p.m.