Post of Serbia - Meeting of Director Đorđević with delivery employees


Meeting of Director Đorđević with delivery employees

At the meeting, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević, and the Assistant Director of RPLC Belgrade, Valentina Mitrović, discussed with the deliverers the role and importance of PE delivery for the Enterprise’s business operations, their work and the current situation in the field.

Director Đorđević spoke about the results achieved in the previous two years in the improvement of the system and relations with employees, about the increase in salaries and progress in improving the overall financial position of employees. He singled out the establishment of Post Pro, a daughter company of the Enterprise, which opened the possibility for employees to earn additional income.

"Deliverers are a vital part of our system and only through dialogue and direct communication with employees engaged in technological positions can we create the right picture, which is why your suggestions are of great importance to us. In the coming period, the manner and methodology of delivery and collection will be more clearly defined, which is why we are here to hear all your suggestions. Our long-term goal is for our Post to move forward and for all our employees to be satisfied," said Đorđević.

Colleagues, delivery employees, presented their suggestions for improving the process of organization of field work, especially in the segment of route optimization. On this occasion, Đorđević reminded that the flow of information is of key importance for all subsequent improvements, as well as that all directors of working units are obliged to regularly inform their employees about all current events in the Enterprise and provide feedback from the field. He announced a joint meeting of management, directors of working units and delivery employees.