Post of Serbia - Announcement of Successful Cooperation


Announcement of Successful Cooperation

Director Petrović expressed the expectation that the production and business complex RPLC "Belgrade" will become a transit center for shipments from China.

The Delegation of the People's Republic of China, who is in a three-day visit to Serbia on the occasion of the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and the improvement of the development of information Silk Road for IT connection, visited the Regional Postal and Logistics Center "Belgrade" today. Acting director of the Post of Serbia Mira Petrović welcomed the statesmen and businessmen of China, as well as the representatives of the relevant ministry, led by State Secretary Tatjana Matić to the largest and most modern center for the sorting of postal items in Europe.

On this occasion director Petrović expressed the expectation that the production and business complex RPLC "Belgrade" will become a transit center for shipments from China. "We are very pleased and honored to host the National Commission for Reforms and Development of China with reputable businessmen, among which is the famous Alibaba. This is a historic step for us, because we are ready and willing to be a distribution center for the whole region and a big part of Europe. Times are changing, technology is progressing, and even the Post which exists for 177 years has to keep up with the times. These are new business opportunities that we could use, and we hope that this is the beginning of good cooperation that will be a stepping stone for the whole Serbian economy, "said Mira Petrović.

Goran Đerić, Director of Service Functions, introduced the content, purpose, modern technological solutions and IT infrastructure of the RPLC "Belgrade" to the guests from China highlighting the decision of the Post of Serbia to devote itself even more seriously to the development of logistics services and e-commerce.

Tatjana Matić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, said that the state-economic visit showed that there is plenty of room for partnership between the Serbian and Chinese sides. "Alibaba expressed great interest in cooperation with the Post, which presented all its capacities in the best possible way. It is clear that there are significant potentials that virtually not only the countries of the Balkans, but also the region, will be supplied from this distribution centre. We, as the relevant ministry, will have the opportunity to visit Alibaba's headquarters at the Fourth Internet Summit, which will take place from 3 to 5 December in China. We are discussing in detail the possibility of cooperation not only when it comes to e-commerce, but also online tourism, because this is a new domain in which Alibaba is also successful, "said Tatjana Matić.