Post of Serbia - Government, Post and Union representatives in dialogue towards the solution


Government, Post and Union representatives in dialogue towards the solution

Today, a meeting was held between the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia - the Minister in charge of regional development and coordination of the work of public enterprises, Milan Krkobabić, and the head of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabić - Miloš Popović, with the Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia, Mira Petrović, and spokespersons of representative trade unions of the Post of Serbia - Darko Radovanović , Slavko Topalov, Snežana Marković and Aleksandar Titović, for the purpose of reaching agreement on improving the social and economic position of employees in the Post of Serbia.

At the meeting, it was agreed that the second part of earnings from profit generated in 2017 be paid to employees by Thursday, April 4, while the first part of earnings from profit from 2018 would be paid to the employees of the Post by the end of April, in order to immediately influence the improvement of employees' earnings. The participants of the meeting agreed to establish, as soon as possible, the optimal number of executors on technological tasks in order to establish the necessary working conditions, and to ensure the corresponding approval of the Government for the engagement of necessary executors. It was concluded that a working group will be formed by Thursday, April 4 by representatives of the Government, the Employer and the employees, i.e. representative trade unions, which will analyse, propose and provide for further action the mandatory measures for the permanent solution of the social and economic situation of the employees of the Post of Serbia.

The prerequisite for further work on the accepted solutions is to cease immediately with all interruptions in the technological departments of the Enterprise, in order to establish without delay the smooth technological process of work.