Post of Serbia - Post – profitable and stable system keeping integrity and improving Serbia


Post – profitable and stable system keeping integrity and improving Serbia

Regarding the inaccurate and tendentious writings and statements of individuals in the media, as well as the participation in the protest walks and the last riots, on behalf of and for the account of the Post of Serbia, with the flagrant abuse of the name and designations, in order to protect all employees, we inform citizens and customers of the following:

We are obliged to disassociate from the indictment of individuals on the ruinous protests in Belgrade and Zrenjanin, as well as in the media, who abuse the name, symbols and uniforms of the Post by presenting themselves as representative spokespersons of employees of the Post of Serbia. Of course, this is a personal act that has no legitimacy nor does it represent the will of employees of the Post of Serbia.

There are two representative trade unions in the Post of Serbia, and the mentioned actions come from unrepresentative trade union, more precisely from its president, Zoran Pavlović, who joined the Alliance for Serbia by signing a joint statement in January this year with Vuk Jeremić, after which political attacks were intensified. Pavlović is misleading the public in every way, using the opportunity for every business move of the Enterprise to be ridiculed and defamed, with the support of certain interest groups. This was also the case when he commented all procurement operations in the media.

In the Post of Serbia, all procurements are transparent and in accordance with the law, in accordance with the Business Program and the Public Procurement Plan approved by the Supervisory Board of the Enterprise, as well as the Founder - the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We invite the authorities to check all of the above mentioned at any time.

Such and similar attacks on the Post, be reminded, occur whenever there is a desire for a piece of the market cake to be taken from this system and a wish to introduce instability. So it was in 2006/2007 when PTT hospitality was separated from the Post, along with its resorts where the employees could recover and rest, and in favour of dubious privatizations, with the end result - devastated and useless objects with vague ownership. We understand and consider “normal” intentions of some influential political actors to further complicate the existing situation, to destabilize some large systems of social and national importance and their management by tendentiously presenting them in a negative light. Unfortunately, they do not only damage the Enterprise but Serbia as a whole. The Post is a profitable system that has been gaining profit for years, thanks to constant investments in the development of postal activities, innovating technological processes, and staffing - on one hand and rationalizing business operations and reducing costs on the other, all in market conditions with over 50 competitors in the core business activity and powerful cable and IT operators. Post cares about its close to 15,000 employees, regularly pays salaries and payments from profit, which for the previous year amounted to 475 million dinars, in agreement and with the support of the Founder.

Due to the results that are obvious, due to the clients, large systems and business giants, as well as the physical entities, with whom we have built a relationship of trust over decades, we are obliged to invite them to stop with all of the above mentioned as soon as possible.