Post of Serbia - Celebration of World Post Day


Celebration of World Post Day

The Post of Serbia celebrated World Post Day, together with 700,000 post offices and nearly 5.3 million postmen worldwide.

On this occasion, the Post of Serbia issued commemorative postage stamps "Stamp Day - 150th Anniversary of the First Postcard", the motif on the mark most probably being the oldest preserved postcard in this country, sent on 15 October 1869 from Novi Sad to Vrdnik. Also, to commemorate World Postal Day, PTT Museum in Belgrade opened the exhibition "Greeting cards and Postcards - We Sent Love, Respect and Joy," which features a valuable collection of postcards and greeting cards, printed from 1880-1945.

 "The Post of Serbia with its main activity - communication and realization of postal traffic worldwide, standardizes business since its foundation, and today successfully responds to challenges of the global market and e-commerce," said Mira Petrović, acting director of the Post of Serbia, adding that the Post, with its infrastructure and logistics network that are being constantly improved, makes postal services accessible to users in hard-to-reach areas of the country, as well as to the economy and society at large. ’’Our employees, proverbially dedicated to this great system, are deserving of our growth and development, and it is a pleasure to showcase to the public a part of a private postcards collection of our colleague Jasmina Janković which come from different epochs, but their messages speak the universal language which is understood, even today, when technology is taking primacy’’, said Ms Petrović with regards to the exhibition theme which will be open until 9 November.

The Universal Postal Union is an international organization which coordinates postal policies and rules, as well as the world postal system among member countries. The organization consists of 192 countries associated together in order to achieve a unique and quality performance of international postal services. Principality of Serbia, among representatives of 22 founding countries, took part in the foundation of the Universal Postal Union on 9 October 1874 in Berne, with the Post of Serbia being a member of the Union from the very beginning.