Post of Serbia - Denial of False Information on Missing Online-Trade Postal Items


Denial of False Information on Missing Online –Trade Postal Items

All the international communication postal items, including items generated by online trade, are processed, distributed and delivered pursuant to the Postal Services Act and prescribed procedures, observing delivery times, immediately upon arrival in the Post of Serbia and completed customs clearance. The accusations against the Post of Serbia claiming that the postal items generated by online trade disappear in Serbia and that it bears responsibility for it, are untrue and unfounded.

In response to unfounded, untrue and insulting social media posts published by the Efektiva organisation and the ensuing biased articles and reports in some news outlets, without giving time and space to reply to the unfounded accusations, the Post of Serbia will use all legal means to protect itself.

Kindly note that by reestablishment of international communication flows the international postal items transport flows are significantly accelerated and normalised, unlike at the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic when the transport was interrupted, which, in turn, caused delays of some international postal items for three months. Due to the force majeure event, the Post of Serbia cannot be responsible. During the above period, it acted as the other postal administrations, pursuant to recommendations and announcements exchanged via the Universal Postal Union.

Due to insults, unverified and completely untrue allegations both against the business operations of the Public Enterprise “Post of Serbia” Belgrade, and its employees, the Efektiva Association was sent a cease and desist letter before initiating a legal procedure.