Post of Serbia - The Most Beautiful Letters to Santa Claus Came from Vlasotince and Golubac


The Most Beautiful Letters to Santa Claus Came from Vlasotince and Golubac

Earlier today, the Post of Serbia announced the winners of the competition “Write to Santa Claus”. By the decision of the jury, the top prize in the singles competition went to an 8-year-old Una Gligorijević from Vlasotince, for her drawing of the girl in the festive air of the home (combined acrylic colour and felt-tip pen technique). The richness of her details, the ornamentality and elements of the comics were what distinguished her drawing from the others.

The second prize went to another 8-year-old: Stefan Dimić from Ugljare, Kosovo Polje, who had but one wish for Santa: to make all the children happy, sending him touching and earnest verses of his little poem:

“The year was hard,
For no mistake of ours.
We’ve been good and fair,
And deserved all the presents.”

The collage made by Ljubica Savić, a ten-year-old girl from Užice, displaying a group of Santas descending from a hill into city to make children’s wishes come true, won the third prize.

In the groups competition, the top prize was awarded to the kids from the preschool group of the “Lasta” kindergarten in Golubac: they transfigured the holidays into a magical scene by a glass ball with dancing snowflakes and festive motives. The second prize went to a creative book “The Ladybird’s Stories About Santa Claus” with 22 illustrated stories spun by authors from the II-3 class of the Primary School “20th October” from Vrbas. The third prize was more than well-deserved by the pupils of the IV-2 class of the Primary School “Mother of the Jugovići Brothers” from Zemun with their drawings in pencil weaving a witty story about future occupations in bright and cheerful colours: a sky cleaner, a thunder tamer, a sea wave hairstylist…

Instead of the traditional exhibition and awarding ceremony, in accordance with the pandemic rules, the prizes will be safely delivered to their winners at their addresses, and all the participants will receive thank-you notes.

This year’s literary and visual-arts competition “Write to Santa Claus”, eighteenth in a row, lasted from 1 November to 5 December 2020, with more than 7,000 kids younger than ten years of age from all over Serbia sending their artworks. By this competition, it is the wish of the Post of Serbia to motivate children’s creativity and nurture the culture of writing and literacy.