Post of Serbia - Director of the Post talked to female employees who work on the delivery of


Director of the Post spoke to female employees who deliver postal items

Acting director of the PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjević, within his regular work activities, met with the female employees of the WU "Beogradski venac", who are engaged in the delivery of postal items to citizens. Popular Belgrade "postwomen", 16 of them, who work in this working unit, introduced the director to the conditions and manner of work, the problems and difficulties in the daily performance of their work, especially in the current epidemiological situation.

They especially pointed out that they were sincerely and pleasantly surprised that the new director decided to hold his first meeting with the immediate workers, the ones who work in the field and who are in constant contact with citizens, i.e. with the women who do postman work, which is a significant support and recognition. Among the employees, there was also a postwoman whose family tradition is postwoman job - she is the granddaughter of the first postwoman in Serbia, for which director Djordjević expressed special interest and respect.

During the conversation, Djordjević pointed out that working conditions and socioeconomic position of employees are his first and most important priority, and that gender equality and equal chances for advancement and additional education of each worker are imperative in the organization of work - because they are two basic conditions for the overall success of such a large and powerful business system as the PE Post of Serbia.

A total of 86 women are engaged in the delivery of postal items at the PE Post of Serbia.