Post of Serbia - PTT Museum - cultural institution of national importance


PTT Museum - cultural institution of national importance

“PTT Museum stands as a cultural institution of national importance with valuable and rare exhibits witnessing about the history and development of postal traffic and telecommunications in Serbia and former Yugoslavia. The Post shall employ all efforts to maintain its deserved place in the cultural map of the region“, said Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Đorđević in his conversation with Maja Gojković, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Information.

Zoran Đorđević informed Minister Gojković when visiting the Post of Serbia with the philatelistic activity which the Post marks and keeps from oblivion the national cultural achievements and renowned cultural personalities, and also with the other activities supporting the development of culture in Serbia.

Minister Gojković thanked the Post of Serbia for its contribution to culture through its support to numerous events and projects in the field of theatre and scene art, film and TV production, as well as to the literature and photography. She announced the readiness of its line ministry to support projects of the Post of Serbia in culture, and it is commonly estimated that there is a significant potential for cooperation.