Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia marked its St Patron’s Day in the presence of Patriarch


Post of Serbia marked its St Patron’s Day in the presence of Patriarch

In the presence of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Mr. Porphyrios, the Post of Serbia marked its Saint Patron’s Day - the Annunciation. With the blessing that Patriarch Porphyrious gave to all the employees and the future work of the Post, a special honour His Holiness showed us because he has chosen the Post of Serbia for his first official visit to some institution.

Owing to His Holiness Patriarch Serbian Porphyrios, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia expressed his pleasure for the fact that, as of today, the Post of Serbia and the Church, as the leading national institutions, have started a new era of cooperation for the benefit of the Serbian people.

“The Post of Serbia will always remain close associate and friend of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the institution that enjoys the greatest trust of our citizens. It is the honour and pleasure for the Post that it contributes with its work to development of our church“, said Zoran Đorđević and stressed out that the Post and the Church, as they work closely with the citizens, share a huge responsibility in the interest of society and state on the whole.

As an evidence of connection between the Post and the Serbian Orthodox Church, Acting Director Đorđević bestowed on the Patriarch Porphyrios an album with all the postal stamps with religios themes that have been issued since the begining of the Post of Serbia, and in the time of the former Yugoslavia. Đorđević also gave to the Patriarch an album with stamps issued in honour of the renowned personalities in Serbian culture and social life.