Post of Serbia - Director Đorđević visited LPLC Jagodina


Director Đorđević visited LPLC Jagodina

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of Post of Serbia, visited Postal-Logistic Centre in Jagodina and met with the director of Regional Unit Jagodina Milan Popović and the employees. Visiting the premises for technological processes and vehicle fleet, Director said that raising the technical-technological level of the network of local postal and logistics centres in order to strengthen the overall transport-logistics capacities is among his priorities and activities of the Post of Serbia management.

During the conversations with the employees working night shifts on sorting postal items, who presented the difficulties they are facing and proposed improvement of work processes, it was concluded that work will be accelerated on the improvement of technological solutions and their implementation in order to increase capacity and improve the process of sorting, reloading, transport and storage, according to new commercial market requirements in Jagodina and surroundings.

“We are planning large investments in capacity improvement, that will accompany our dynamic market presence, and which, in addition to improving performance, will also contribute to the improvement of employee working conditions. Also, the work engagement of employees will be adequately evaluated, especially of colleagues in technology, with the aim of improving the material and financial position and increasing employee satisfaction”, concluded Đorđević.