Post of Serbia - New communication channel between director and employees started well


New communication channel between director and employees started well

At today’s opening of the direct telephone line for communication between director and employees of PE Post of Serbia, during the two hours, as many as 66 employees of the Post took the opportunity to talk to Acting Director Zoran Đorđević and executive directors.

Colleagues from all parts of Serbia called and wanted to share suggestions, problems, doubts with the director, but also to ask him about plans for reorganization and modernization of business. They were also interested in other issues of importance for their employment status, salaries, the possibility of promotion, performance evaluation.

“Professionally and personally, I am very interested in opinions, suggestions, exchange of ideas with employees, especially in the difficulties they face in performing everyday work. Active listening and direct communication contribute to a more successful organization and business, and employee care and active support have motivated us to introduce this channel of communication. I am satisfied with the response of the employees, as well as with the quality proposals that I had the opportunity to hear today”, said Acting Director Đorđević, upon the completion of two hours of communication with employees.

Direct talks between the director Đorđević and the executive directors of the enterprise with the employees, through the new communication channel, will become a practice in the PE Post of Serbia from today, and will be held on a monthly basis.