Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia’s Day Marked


Post of Serbia’s Day Marked

Development of new and improvement of existing services, introduction of a stimulating way of calculating salaries for employees in technology, growth of financial indicators and payment of earnings out of profits for 2020, are just some of the results that fulfilled the promises given by the new management to the employees and which Post of Serbia uses to mark its day – June 7.

“In the last three months, with good management, we were able to stabilize financial indicators and create conditions to improve the material position of employees in the upcoming period. Employees are the face of the Post of Serbia and only if they are satisfied, we can provide quality services to the citizens of Serbia, which is an absolute priority and the basis of our development plans”, said Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia at a ceremony held today in the PTT Museum.

He pointed out that the main drivers of the development of the Post of Serbia, as a socially responsible company, will be innovative postal and logistics services, based on digitalization and green technologies. Đorđević, among other things, announced the replacement of the vehicle fleet with ecological vehicles with electric and hybrid drive, new uniforms for employees, as well as the introduction of automated parcel machines, with improved working conditions for employees through renovation and modernization of post offices across Serbia.

“All plans are aimed at making the Post of Serbia the strongest company in Serbia in the shortest possible time", Zoran Đorđević pointed out. He thanked Prime Minister Ana Brnabić for the Government's support in the digitalization process in which the Post works closely with the Office for Information Technology and e-Government.

The Post of Serbia’s Day is marked by the commencement of operation of Internet shop, called e-Philately, which will provide the world public to have simple access to philatelic issues of the Post of Serbia. The thematic exhibition is on display in PTT Museum: “Letters & Postmen of the 19th Century” in cooperation with the Books and Travels Museum of the Adligat Association. The exhibition presents the two hundred years old correspondence of prominent individuals in the Serbian society - such as the letter of Prince Miloš which he sent from Vienna in 1841 to the princess Ljubica in Belgrade, which however was written by Anastas Jovanović according to “the order of the Prince”, then the envelope personally written by Vuk Karadžić to Marija Milutinović Punktatorka, as well as the order- letter of haiduk Veljko Petrović, written in Negotin on May 23, 1812, until recently unknown to public. The exhibition lasts till June 21.

The celebration in the PTT Museum was attended by the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, business partners and representatives of the Unions, as well as the oldest retired postmen. The Post of Serbia’s Day is commemorated on June 7, according to the new calendar, on May 25 according to the old one, in memory of the day when in 1840 the first post office in Belgrade started to operate, which is at the same time considered as the official commencement of the public postal traffic in Serbia.