Post of Serbia - Post of Serbia awarded for IPS Upgrade Project outstanding implementation


Post of Serbia awarded for IPS Upgrade Project outstanding implementation

The Post of Serbia is the winner of the Award for outstanding achievement in IPS Upgrade Project implementation, which is awarded by the UPU Quality Fund (QSF) for the success in project implementation for the postal services quality development, financed by the resources of the Fund. The results were announced during the remote plenary session of the Postal Operations Council on 23 April 2021, and the plaques were dispatched by post to the winners.

The Project implemented by the Post of Serbia has facilitated electronic data exchange among the postal operators in the international postal traffic for any kind of postal items, letter-post, parcel and EMS, and created foundations for electronic data exchange with the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia. Based on the parameters of compatibility with time-limits, budget and financial rules of the Project, the measurable improvement in quality of services established by the quality goals and the performance indicators, as well as the sustainability of the project results within two years upon its termination, the evaluation of the Project was executed last year by the Universal Postal Union.

Ever since 2007, the UPU Quality Fund has been awarding for the best implemented QSF Projects. According to the new rules, the QSF, apart from the quality improvement project, will also finance the projects from the field of international postal traffic and e-commerce infrastructure development.