Post of Serbia - Union representatives with Director Đorđević


Union representatives with Director Đorđević

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, met today with representatives of the Trade Union of PTT Serbia, the Trade Union of PE PTT Traffic Serbia - Independence, the Independent Trade Union of Postal Workers and the Trade Union Solidarity of the Post of Serbia. On the agenda was the exchange of opinions and information on the most important topics of importance for the business of the Enterprise.

Director Đorđević presented the indicators of positive business operations, as well as the vision for further improvement and plans of the Enterprise, and explained the intensive and comprehensive activities of the management on all current topics. He also presented a time frame for resolving all important issues raised by the unions.

"Cooperation with trade unions is very important, and therefore I support the interest of trade unions and employees in the plans and results of our company. We will continue to ensure the regular exchange of information. We plan and carefully monitor and undertake efforts to perform a complete calculation and a realistic plan for resolving all current issues as soon as possible. With the planned growth of business revenues by the end of the year, things will be clearer, and we will enter the new business year with a strong position for making new investments and earnings growth. At the same time, the new projects and services and the reform of the entire system that we have undertaken, will enable us safe growth and significant savings", said Đorđević.