Post of Serbia - Post and Natural History Museum promoted “Europe 2021” postage stamp issue


Post and Natural History Museum promoted “Europe 2021” postage stamp issue

Postage stamp Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) is Serbia's candidate in the competition for the most beautiful postage stamp in Europe, which lasts until September 9, and all citizens can participate in online voting.

In cooperation with the Natural History Museum in Belgrade, the Post of Serbia realized this year's issue of commemorative postage stamps – “Europe”, with two stamps with motifs of endangered birds on the territory of Serbia: Horned Lark - Eremophila alpestris and Saker Falcon - Falco cherrug. The issue is accompanied by a commemorative First Day Cover (FDC), and it was released on May 12.

The “Europe” issue is published every year by the Post of Serbia, as one of the most important issues of the annual program, and competes in the European selection for the most beautiful stamp, which is conducted by the Association of European Public Postal Operators (PostEurop) every year on a specific topic.

“The necessity and obligation to protect and preserve nature and endangered wildlife species throughout Europe have determined the topic of this year's issue”, said Adam Sofronijević, Director of “Srbijamarka” of the Post of Serbia. Sofronijević added that the Post of Serbia has already won this prestigious competition, according to the votes of the audience, in 2014, on the topic of national musical instruments, with a stamp with a bagpipe motif, and that this year the goal and matter of prestige and reputation is to repeat that success, which is the reason why a particularly nice and creative solution was prepared. “The postage stamp issue “Europe” also aims to remind all of us that caring for nature is an important task today”, Sofronijević said.

“According to the data of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Serbia is one of the six European centers of biological diversity. Unfortunately, many species of wild animals have been brought almost to the brink of extinction, and the Saker Falcon is one of them. That is why we gladly accepted the cooperation with the Post of Serbia in order to give our contribution in this way in the preservation of this magnificent bird, but also of all species that are in danger. We have a deep moral responsibility and an obligation to preserve species for future generations. We must not forget that birds are part of our cultural and historical identity”, said the Acting Director of the Natural History Museum, Slavko Spasić.

Spasić and Sofronijević called on all citizens to symbolically vote for the protection of nature and endangered species by September 9 and to vote for the postage stamp “Saker Falcon”, at

The promotion of this special series of postage stamps and a lecture dedicated to the protection of endangered wild species in Serbia were held today in the Gallery of the Natural History Museum in Belgrade.