Post of Serbia - Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are the Future of the Post of Serbia’s Fleet


Electric and Hybrid Vehicles are the Future of the Post of Serbia’s Fleet

During his participation in the “EV days” conference in Novi Sad, Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, spoke at a panel dedicated to positive examples of the use of green vehicles in various businesses, and presented the Post's technological solution for increasing the share of green vehicles in the postal network.

In connection with the application of the concept of electromobility and micromobility in the Post, after one year of use and testing of the first electric cars at the delivery of postal items in the inner city of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, Đorđević, in addition to socially responsible approach, pointed out significant economic savings in maintenance costs, motor fuels compared to conventional internal combustion engines and registration costs.

“We plan to significantly increase the share of electric and hybrid vehicles in the Postal fleet, and by the end of the year we will also purchase other micro-vehicles, including 300 electric bicycles. At the same time, we continue to test new models of electric and hybrid vehicles, in order to determine their performance and efficiency in the delivery of postal items according to our needs for fast and quality service. Innovation and creativity, development plans based on investments in the most modern technological and ecological solutions, will lead us in the modernization of the network and overall business of the Post of Serbia, especially in the period after the pandemic”, said Zoran Đorđević.

A management board of the Post of Serbia was held in Novi Sad today, after which Director Đorđević talked to employees in professional services at the headquarters of the Working Unit “Novi Sad”, and visited the largest Post Office 21101, the Post Office located in the “Spens” Shopping Centre, as well as the Regional Postal and Logistics Centre in Novi Sad.