Post of Serbia - Application of dual education in the Post of Serbia


Application of dual education in the Post of Serbia

Representatives of the National Accreditation Body paid a review visit to the Post of Serbia today, in order to formally check the fulfilment of conditions for the realization of dual education.

The working group of the Post of Serbia presented the planned model of learning through work, which will enable students to apply theoretical knowledge in a real work environment, as well as to get better acquainted with business procedures and technologies used in the business world. Through practical training and work with the employer, in this case at the Post of Serbia, students of the Department of Postal and Logistics Systems, acquire practical skills and competencies relevant to their careers and professional development and gain a clearer insight into the real needs of the labour market.

In May, the Post of Serbia concluded a contract with the Academy of Technical and Art Applied Studies, making it the first partner of the School of Applied Studies for Information and Communication Technologies in the process of developing dual education, and the dual model will be applied starting from the 2021/2022 school year.