Post of Serbia - Đorđević with Union representatives on material position of employees


Đorđević with Union representatives on material position of employees

Today the management of PE Post of Serbia, within the framework of continuous cooperation and dialogue, talked with Trade Union representatives about topics important for the material position of employees and business of the company, with a special focus on increasing salaries, development projects and digitalization of operations of the Post of Serbia.

In a constructive atmosphere, it was stated that after the end of the nine-month calculation, and based on the realized income and feasibility study, the management will propose a financial plan for the year 2022, which will predict the growth of employees' salaries.

At the moment, it is certain that the increase in salaries in the Post of Serbia should be within the framework of the increase in the net money supply for wages of at least 9.7 percent, which was foreseen by the Government of Serbia.

“Management of PE Post of Serbia is continuously working on achieving the main goal we set at the beginning of our mandate – and that is for the Post to be the best company in Serbia. The results we have achieved in the past seven months show that we are going in the right direction. By the end of the year, new delivery vehicles and new uniforms for employees are expected, and the planned increase in salaries will contribute to the improvement of the material position of our employees. Also, we are working intensively on the implementation of strategic plans, so we expect digitalization of postal services, as well as business reorganization in order to develop the Post of Serbia, improve the material position of employees and raise the quality of service for citizens and economy of Serbia”, said Zoran Đorđević.

Today's meeting with the management of the Post of Serbia was attended by the representatives of the PTT Serbia Trade Union, Independent Trade Union of Postal Workers and the Trade Union Solidarity of the Post of Serbia. The next meeting will be held after the adoption of the nine-month report, and before the adoption of the business plan for 2022.