Post of Serbia - An extended board meeting of the Post of Serbia was held


An extended board meeting of the Post of Serbia was held

The Acting Director of the PE Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjević, held an extended board meeting of the Enterprise today, which, in addition to the executive directors and directors of functions, was also attended by the directors of all working units of the Post of Serbia. On that occasion, Director Djordjević acquainted the managers with the positive business results in the first nine months of this year, as well as with the plans for further development of the Enterprise.

The key results from the Report on the level of realisation of the annual business programme from January to the end of September this year, which was adopted by the Supervisory Board yesterday, were presented, including information on the realised profit of 2.8 billion dinars, which will enable the realisation of planned development goals.

Expressing confidence that the Post of Serbia will be a long-term profitable enterprise, Djordjević and the competent managers introduced the members of the extended board meeting with short-term and development plans. They pointed out the introduction of new services, the expansion of the postal network through the concept of contract post offices, as well as the development of services based on digitalisation - managing queues at post offices, establishing a network of parcel machines, implementing certain postal services using mobile phones. In order to improve the service and customer satisfaction, a so-called "mystery shopper" will be introduced, whose task will be to control the work of post offices throughout Serbia. The introduction of digital services for the economy has also been announced, primarily the possibility of eArchiving documentation using a time stamp.

One of the priorities is the improvement of the material position of employees, for which a long-term basis is provided by positive business results and development plans.