Post of Serbia - Đorđević visited Turković family


Đorđević visited Turković family

Acting Director Zoran Đorđević visited Turković family, grandmother Remka, caretaker of a little Kerim, whose late mother Alisa worked for PE Post of Serbia.

After the visit and sincere conversation, that he had with the grandmother and Kerim, Acting Director Đorđević expressed a desire to address the public: “Although I am managing PE Post of Serbia for less than eight months, I think that this is a long enough period for me to feel, rightfully, as a part, as a full member of our large and numerous families - because my basic impression is that our company is first of all a family, and only then a company of exceptional importance for our country. A family that shares everything, both good and bad, and together strives to achieve both personal and professional goals, to the greatest possible extent and capacity.

The practice I have introduced - direct personal communication with the employees - through regular meetings and listening to their suggestions, but also remarks, is one of the forms of joint work, which I am sure not only improves business, but also brings us closer together, enables us to better understand each other and more easily achieve the goals set before us.

Precisely for that reason, that sincere, human compassion, sincere concern, I also visited the family of our deceased colleague, who was survived by her underage son Kerim, with the desire to show with this gesture that, as a responsible company, and I as its manager, will try to help as much as possible when it comes to the future of a child who belongs to our large family, the family of employees in the PE Post of Serbia, when it comes to his further education and possible later employment.

I believe that all employees share my desire, as I believe that this is the only way in which we can, and must, build our mutual trust and respect, with which we will, together, I am sure, achieve excellent business results.”