Post of Serbia - Education and protection of citizens against online scams


Education and protection of citizens against online scams

PE Post of Serbia initiated the project Online Security which aims to educate citizens regarding the recognition and protection against scams in the digital environment. With this project, the Post became one of the first companies in the country to proactively approach the problem of the growing number of online scam attempts targeting customers of various services.

Bearing in mind that with the development of internet business, the number of frauds by which perpetrators try to misuse personal and bank data of citizens by various methods is growing, the aim of this project of the Post of Serbia, as a socially responsible company, is to educate and help citizens in the field of recognition and protection against scam attempts.

That is why we have started a new page on our company website titled “Online Security”, containing detailed descriptions and illustrations of typical online scams, answers to how the customers can recognize that they are the target of scam attempts and how to protect themselves. Instructions were also given on to whom and how citizens should report if they notice an attempt at online scams, or if they were its target.

The page with online security tips is available on the website of the Post of Serbia on the link: and is part of a broader educational program in which the Post will collaborate with national regulatory agencies CERT and RATEL.