Post of Serbia - Awards for the best workers of the third quarter


Awards for the best workers of the third quarter

The “Best Worker” Awards for the third quarter of 2021 were presented to the best employees engaged in technological operations within the Enterprise by Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia. Acting Director Đorđević praised the results of colleagues, quality, as well as the scope of work performed, emphasizing that they were achieved in demanding conditions, which contributed to the overall improvement of services provided by the Post of Serbia to the customers.

The best postmen of the third quarter are Milorad Vudraković (Post Office 21318 Novi Sad), Zoltan Šandrik (Post Office 24220 Čantavir), Milomir Filipović (Post Office 11073 Beograd 129), and Dragan Petrović (Post Office 11213 Padinska Skela), while the best courier is  Branko Stojanović (Post Office 21235 Temerin).

Awards for the best counter workers were given to  Milica Šuljmanac (Post Office 22000 Sremska Mitrovica), Dušica Milanov (Post Office 11070 Beograd 27), Jelena Jović (Post Office 18400 Prokuplje) and Maja Stanojević (Post Office 11060 Beograd 38).

The best post office managers are Nemanja Nikolić (Post Office 19219 Krivelj) and Žarkica Durać (Post Office 11102 Beograd 3).

The award for the best controller was given to  Dejan Ivanović from the Regional Postal and Logistics Centre Belgrade, while Branislav Gagić, employed in LPLC 34200 Kragujevac, was awarded as the best worker engaged in the processing of postal items.

The “Best Worker” awards are given on a quarterly basis according to the highest marks for quality of work, scope of work performed, expertise, quality of communication, flexibility and high motivation as well as work initiative. The best employee of the year is selected among the winners from all quarters.