Post of Serbia - Extended Collegium on Development Plans


Extended Collegium on Development Plans

Acting Director of PE Post of Serbia Zoran Đorđević introduced the Management to the business plans of the Enterprise today at an extended session of the Collegium, which was attended by the directors of working units, directors of regional working units, assistant directors of regional working units within areal units, as well as managers of 50 post offices.

Đorđević especially emphasized the development plans aimed at technological and organizational improvement of business operations, material position of employees and improvement of customer experience, primarily through the expansion of the postal network and improving the appearance and functionality of branches across the country. Also, the plan and steps were presented, which include technological modernization of the transport fleet, sorting and processing capacities, as well as modernization and more efficient delivery to end customers through the introduction of a network of parcel machines.

In order to further examine the market and check the quality of services provided by the Enterprise, starting next year the introduction of a “mystery shopper” is planned throughout Serbia, in order to improve the quality and increase customer satisfaction, concluded Đorđević.