Post of Serbia - Postage stamps for the Red Star’s family


Postage stamps for the Red Star’s family

The Post of Serbia presented today in the presence of the representatives of the management of FC "Red Star" a commemorative issue of postage stamps called ”The Red Star's Family”.

"With this philatelic issue, the Post of Serbia pays tribute to the sports successes of the club that celebrated Serbian football all over the world. Postage stamps are guardians of memories and testimonies for the future, and I am sure that many who consider themselves part of the numerous Red Star family in the country and abroad will want them for themselves and their successors. These stamps will travel around the world on letters and forever remind us of the successes of a football club from Belgrade and Serbia", said Zoran Djordjević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia.

The president of FC "Red Star", Svetozar Mijailović, pointed out that the Red Star and the Post of Serbia have excellent cooperation, as evidenced by this philatelic issue. "We are proud that the cooperation was achieved to the mutual satisfaction and that the Post of Serbia recognised how big the Red Star brand is. "Therefore, together, we are working on promoting stamps with Red Star motifs. The theme of this series of stamps is exactly that - The Star and the family, which in this case are synonyms. We are proud that our family is multi-million, but above all that the Red Star is a harmonious and happy family", said Mijailović.

The philatelic issue of "The Red Star’s Family" consists of two stamps, five vignettes, a first-day cover and a commemorative stamp. The issue features motifs of "red and white" football players on the field, "Red Star's" stadium, the fan atmosphere from the "North", and won trophies of the European and world championships from 1991. The artistic realisation is the work of Jakša Vlahović, creator of stamps and papers of value of the Post of Serbia.

On this occasion, at the ceremony in the counter hall of the Main Post Office in Takovska Street in Belgrade, the possibility of payment for admission to membership in FC ”Red Star” was presented at the counters of post offices throughout Serbia.