Post of Serbia - Modernization of the Office of exchange at the Airport coming soon


Modernization of the Office of exchange at the Airport coming soon

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia visited the Office of exchange at the Nikola Tesla Airport and met with the Director of the Airport, François Berisot, with whom he discussed joint activities to improve and modernize this facility of national strategic importance.

In the Office of exchange facility all technological processes of international air postal traffic are performed, for both inward and outward postal items, including all technological processes related to transit of postal items and dispatches.

“Reconstruction of this facility is planned, considering that since it was put into operation in 1961, there have been no significant investments since then, and also it has long outgrown the existing capacities. Modernization is necessary due to the need for greater capacity, in line with the development of Nikola Tesla Airport, which has a large number of direct flights, as well as the plan of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to make Belgrade Airport a hub for Southeast Europe. By agreement and together with the Airport, in the interest of Serbia, the Post of Serbia will increase the capacity of the Office of exchange and implement the up-to-date logistics equipment, during 2022. The goal of this investment is to get the most modern facility of this type that will enable efficient and fast sorting of items coming from around the world to Serbia, the region and beyond“, said Zoran Đorđević.