Post of Serbia - Christmas Day marked in the circle of the Post’s Family


Christmas Day marked in the circle of the Post’s Family

Christmas Day was marked at the Post of Serbia in the largest and most important technological facility for processing postal items, at the Regional Postal and Logistics Centre Belgrade in Ugrinovačka St. in Zemun, which was chosen for today’s ceremony being the “lifeblood" of the entire postal and logistics system.

Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director of the Post of Serbia, and the Management of the Enterprise, spent the day working in a festive atmosphere, holding board meetings, as well as socializing and talking with employees of the Postal Centre Belgrade, and Orthodox customs were respected on this day, including bringing in and lighting Yule Log and enjoying Lenten foods.

Last year, the Post of Serbia provided 360,251,359 letterpost, parcel, express and postal and financial services, of which more than 259,069,000 letterpost services, over 85,245,800 postal and financial services, as well as more than 14,983,300 express services, provided in more demanding and shorter deadlines, and which are recording constant growth.

Director Đorđević thanked the management and employees for their hard work and exceptional engagement, which enabled the achievement of these results, wishing everyone happiness, health and progress.

“We are entering the new year ambitiously  with the desire to be even more successful and to be leaders, since this is what we want and deserve. That is possible only if we work together on achieving this goal and since our large family consists of hardworking and diligent people, and having in mind the unconditional support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, I am convinced that we will make it happen”, Đorđević said.