Television and Internet - Service Description

Television and Internet

Large selection of digital TV channels, cable and ADSL Internet, with constant promotions.

A variety of TV content for the whole family in basic packages.

The Post NET was created in 2013, by integrating PTT KDS – the oldest cable operator established in 1990 and PTT NET, with the aim of improving the quality of service and the infrastructure in the ICT service market. As a unique business system, Post NET provides users with:

  • service packages with integrated digital television and Internet services;
  • unique and efficient customer support;
  • special contractual terms, with a minimum duration of 12 and 24 months.

Post NET offers digital TV services individually, and within the Post NET package, with the Internet.

The basic offer includes the reception of analogue and digital channels, including HD channels, as well as certain FM channels. Post NET also enables the transmission of local TV channel signals, depending on the territory. The basic offer includes 137 digital and 71 analogue channels.

List of channels

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The benefits of digital television are clear and sharp picture, better sound quality, adaptability to new models of TVs, ability to watch content in the format in which it was recorded. Post NET is continuously working on expanding and improving its offer, taking into account the content and attractiveness of the packages, as well as the languages in which the programs are broadcast.

Cable and ADSL Internet

Secure and quality Internet access, at affordable prices.

The Post NET cable Internet allows you to connect to the Internet using the cable network, which also distributes the television program. Cable Internet service is available in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Smederevo and Subotica.

The prices of the Post NET ADSL Internet are among the lowest in the market.

Post NET is the operator which was the first to introduce a discount for people with special needs in Serbia, in the amount of 50% on the price of monthly subscription, for packages without contractual obligation.

Post NET package

Post NET package is an integrated Internet and TV package with significantly lower prices. Compared to individual services, the package offers numerous benefits:

  • consolidated account;
  • more favorable user contract terms;
  • user records in a single database;
  • more efficient troubleshooting.