Assortment of philatelic products such as thematic sets, stamp cardbords, annual yearpacks, commemorative stamp yearbooks, children’s frames with stamps, magnets for stamps, catalogues etc. are available for sale in our retail stores in Belgrade: “PHILATELY” shop, Takovska 7 and philatelic counter at the Main Post Office, Таковска 2.

Thematic sets

This is a philatelic product, designed to offer, in an attractive way, an overview of certain themes, composed of a large number of postage stamps issued by the PE Post of Serbia in a specific period, with a common theme. Thematic sets were made on several topics: “Visit Serbia”, “125 years of the Tesla Transformer Patent”, “75 years of the Belgrade Zoo”, “Sports on Stamps” and others.

“Visit Serbia” is an interesting thematic set of stamps, designed to show in one place unique tourist attractions and natural beauties of Serbia, which delight by beauty and diversity, such as Đavolja varoš, Gamzigrad, Rajac, Resava cave, churches, monasteries, antique jewellery, national costumes, national instruments, etc.

“125 years of the Tesla Transformer Patent” is a set with stamps and accompanying philatelic products, FDC envelope and maximum card issued by the Post of Serbia for commemorating the 125th anniversary of the Tesla Transformer Patent. A portrait of our great scientist is displayed on the stamp, as well as one of his patents – Tesla Transformer.

“75 Years of the Belgrade Zoo” is a unique set with stamps, carnets and FDC envelopes that the Post of Serbia issued in 2011 on the occasion of the jubilee of the Belgrade Zoo, the oasis of beauty in the midst of the city, which we can be proud of. In it are born and nurtured, among others, some of the very rare animals, such as white lions, tigers, kangaroos, white buzzards, which are shown on the stamps. The slogan of the Belgrade Zoo is: Get away from the city and into the city centre. Escape, at least briefly, from everyday worries and problems and spend a memorable day with us – and this thematic set represents the slogan.

“Sport 1” - sport is an inexhaustible postage stamps theme which you can enjoy, and from which you can also learn a lot. This set contains stamps showing our Olympic team from Beijing 2008 (Janko Tipsarević, Nenad Zimonjić, Jelena Janković, Ana Ivanović, Novak Đoković), world champions from Rome 2009, swimmers: Nađa Higl, Milorad Čavić and the water polo team, as well as the 25th Summer Universiade Belgrade 2009, with the mascot of the Games, Playful Sparrow.

“Sport 2” - This set contains stamps with the following themes: “Olympic Games in London 2012” and “RIO 2016”. Here are displayed our medal winners in collective sports. The exclusivity of this set is represented by the stamp “Champions of the Davis Cup - Belgrade 2010”, showing our national team consisted of N. Đoković, V. Troicki, N. Zimonjić and J. Tipsarević, as well as the popular “salad bowl” - the trophy of this competition – which is displayed on the vignette.

Kits are specially designed covers containing postage stamps and FDC envelopes on a specific topic. The offer includes thematic kits on the following topics: Orient Express, New Year, Olympic Games in Beijing, Christmas, Danube Conventions.

Stamp cardboards

Cardboards – cardboard cartridges, filled with stamps and practical to use, represent an attractive souvenir and a simple gift. Cardboard themes include: Orthodoxy, Ethnography, Children's stamp, etc.

“Orthodoxy 1” - cardboard contains stamps featuring Serbian monasteries that are on the UNESCO cultural heritage list, the Monastery Mileševa and the White Angel fresco, Monastery Kalenić, as well as “Christmas” and “Easter” editions, with very important religious motifs.

“Orthodoxy 2” - the cardboard contains stamps with traditional motifs of Orthodox Christmas dining, Christmas bread and Christmas Eve tree (“Badnjak”), as well as stamps with some of the most important frescoes from Serbian monasteries, published by the Post of Serbia within “Christmas” and “Easter” editions.

“Ethnography” - the cardboard contains stamps with various ethno motives. Among them is the exclusive stamp “Europe - National Music Instruments” from 2014, which has been officially proclaimed as Europe's most beautiful stamp through “online” voting. Beautiful bridal jewellery from previous centuries, as well as national costumes, crowns, Pirot carpets are included.

Commemorative albums

The commemorative album is a luxuriously equipped and illustrated book, which presents complete annual editions of postage stamps. Albums, in addition to the complete years of issues, also contain commemorative texts about stamp issues and represent an unusual, valuable philatelic product of exceptional beauty.

Frames and magnets for children

Children’s frame is the frame for exhibiting philatelic products. Postage stamp issues on topics of fairy tales, fables, and children's songs are placed in decorative frames of different colours, and can be a very beautiful and unique gift.

Magnet is a product which is used to exhibit a commemorative postage stamp and represents a unique souvenir. It is made in the dimensions of 30mm x 37.5mm, for vertical and horizontal stamps alike.