Item's Status Tracking

Track status - Postal item

The “Track and Trace” tool allows you to get information about the date, time, location, and status of your postal item from the moment of entering the system.

Postal item identification

Each postal item in the system has its own reception (identification) number.

By entering the reception number and pressing the “Track” button, you run the search process.

Search result

The search result is the display of the status change for the inquired postal item: date, post office, status, and the recipient.


List of possible postal item statuses:

  • Reception
  • Dispatch
  • Delivered
  • In charge of delivery at post office
  • Left report
  • Redirection
  • Returned to sender
  • Refuses reception/Not requested
  • Section for undeliverables
  • Next delivery
  • Refuses reception due to customs duties
  • Unknown
  • Address unknown
  • Address insufficient
  • Departed
  • Moved out
  • Died


“Signature” is only displayed for delivered postal items. If the postal item is delivered, the customer can see the name and surname of the recipient, date, time and place where the postal item was delivered.

Contact Centre of the Post of Serbia

If the search did not provide you with the requested information, please call the Contact Centre of the Post of Serbia, at: 0700 100 300.

What is the purpose of the “Track and Trace” system?

The “Track and Trace” system, a system for electronic tracking of postal items, allows the postal service customer to find out at any time the status of the postal item: where it is, whether it is delivered, returned, or redirected.

Which postal items can be tracked in the “Track and Trace” system?

The following items can currently be tracked within the system: Insured letters (first letter “V”, second letter ranging from “A” to “Z”); Registered postal items in domestic traffic (mark: “RE”); Parcels (first letter “C”, second ranging from “A” to “Z”); Post-Express items (mark: “PE”); Registered postal items from and to abroad (first letter “R”, second ranging from “A” to “Z”); EMS items (first letter “E”, second ranging from “A” to “Z”).

How can we realize the “Track and Trace” service?

The customer can realize the service of electronic tracking of postal items by submitting the item, for which the tracking is envisaged, to the employee of the Post.

Where can I find out if my item has been delivered, or inquire about its status?

Currently, you can receive information about the status of the item by searching our corporate website, or by calling the Contact Centre of the Post, at: 0700 100 300.

Is there a possibility to see a digitized signature?

Yes, if the digitized signature exists in the database.

Are postal items tracked in international postal traffic?

So far, electronic tracking of postal items being sent abroad is possible up to the point of reaching the Office of Exchange, or until the departure of the postal item from the country.

Which information can I obtain by using the “Track and Trace” system?

Using “Track and Trace” services, the customer can receive the following information:

  • the mark of the postal item, the type of scan, the date and time of the scan, the signature, the name of the working unit of the Post of Serbia or post office (postal network units), the status of delivery;
  • information about the Contact Centre of the Post and the services it provides, in Serbian and English;
  • information on the system for electronic tracking of postal items, its characteristics and features, in Serbian and English.

How much does the “Track and Trace” service cost?

At the moment, services of the “Track and Trace” system are free of charge.

How can I track a postal item in international postal traffic?

If the postal item, sent by a customer to a particular destination in the world, does not arrive within the prescribed deadlines, the customer can obtain information about the item by regular means of claiming, or by initiating a claims procedure.